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MAY/JUNE 2023 - Yard and Lawn Maintenance 

We ask that all Tenants help us keep our community looking neat and attractive.

This is a reminder that it is your responsibility under your lease agreement to complete yard and lawn maintenance (front, back, sides) at your rental address.

If you fail to keep your grass to within length standards as per the City of Thunder Bay Maintenance Standards By-Law #069-2006, you will receive a Maintenance Request Form and a 3-day deadline. After that a contractor will be hired to complete the grass cutting and your account will be charged back for the service and must be paid monthly.

SERVICE COST INCREASE: the fee for grass cutting services will be increasing to $55.00 per cut effective immediately due to the previous lawn service caretaker retiring, and a new landscaping contractor has been employed in their place.

Should you wish to be added to an automatic grass cutting service listing, please contact our office.

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MAY 1, 2023

It’s getting to that time of year where you should begin cleaning up your rental property to ensure a good lawn. 

When the grass cutting season starts, it’s your responsibility as per your lease agreement, to cut your lawn (front, sides and back) on a regular basis. If you do not, the Housing Program will issue a Maintenance Request Form to cut your grass within 3 days of notice (this notice is in effect for the entire grass cutting season and you will receive it only once). If you do not cut your grass as required, a contractor will be sent to complete this service, your rental account will be charged accordingly as a Tenant Charge Back (TCB) and you will be responsible to pay.


Time to think about Spring Cleaning:

  1. Clean exhaust fan filters and covers on a regular basis.
  2. Keep your screens in the windows and doors to keep out flies, wasps, etc.
  3. Water your lawn on designated days as needed (odd days for odd numbered homes, etc.)
  4. Cut your grass every 8 - 10 days, or as needed.
  5. Turn off your lights during daylight hours, or when you are not home.
  6. If you have pets, clean up and dispose of their waste in a timely basis.
  7. If you have a shed, put a lock on it.
  8. Tenants who are cooking with BBQ's, please keep them away from the house so as to not damage the siding. 

    Soon it will be annual inspection time.  Therefore, you should be preparing for the inspection by completing the following:

    • Clean your fridge and stove so there are no health and safety issues.
    • Wash your walls and remove any marks, such as crayons, markers, and even stickers.
    • If you have a storm door, make sure the chain and piston are secure.
    • Ensure your garbage is taken out weekly. Do not let it pile up, as it will attract bugs, mice and other animals.
    • Continue to check your smoke detectors weekly.
    • Do not store propane tanks, gas lawn mowers and/or gas containers in basement.




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